Getting Soooo Close!

Getting Soooo Close!

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More renovation updates!

Over the weekend, I had been planning on moving my whole studio, but there was another roadblock. This time a literal roadblock!

The little road behind our shop has been dug up and waiting to be paved since late spring, and paving finally started - on Thursday! Since we couldn't drive around back to unload, we had to use the stairs. It was in the 90s and humid, and the heat was oppressive even at 9am, so I limited what we moved.

We moved my big sink and my two work tables, and by we, I mean Mike and our friend Will! Shiny, heat-absorbing stainless steel pieces, like moving heat lamps through hellfire. Major shout out to Will for bringing his truck over and helping us move, despite the lava-like air! And shout out to Mike, as always.

The plumbers are coming back on Wednesday to finish up, and then I'll have water! 

Originally, I was planning on a small renovation to the front shop area, but with everything else, I'm putting that off until later. And, originally I was planning a grand reopening party, but this has been dragged on so long, I just want to reopen and get back to it!

I have a reopening day in mind, but after everything that has happened over the last three months, I'm holding off announcing it, at least until the plumbers are done. They're the last piece of the project where I'm completely dependent on someone else, and I'm hesitant to plan ahead too far until they're done. 

Once the plumbers are done, there's still a lot to do, but as long as nothing major goes wrong, we'll be open before the end of August!

This is the last chaotic part, and everything will soon fall into place. 

I can't wait to see you all in the shop!



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Sherri N
Sherri N

Can’t wait to shop in-store again, Lisa!! Good luck with the finishing steps.

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