Almost Moving Day

Almost Moving Day

Just over 8 years ago, Mike and I moved into our first house. 

Part of the reason we chose this house was because it had the perfect area to move my Wunder Budder studio. I was excited to work from home, and I loved it for the first 5 years, but it wasn't meant to be here, inside my house, forever. 

When I looked at the space for the shop 3 (!) years ago, I envisioned a kitchen from the first moment I opened up the door to the back. A kitchen for Wunder Budder (the tea part came later). I wanted to build the kitchen ASAP, but we all know what happened in the spring of 2020. The opportunity finally came earlier this year. 

After all the hiccups I ran into during this kitchen project, after all the hard work and the stress, and after extending it from 4-6 weeks to coming up on 12 weeks, moving day is finally here! I'll be moving the Wunder Budder studio out of our house and into the (sooo close to completed*) Alchemy & Herbs kitchen on Saturday.

Today is my last day working in the studio, and I'm feeling ALL of the emotions.

I've grown Wunder Budder here for the last eight years. I wasn't planning on making products this week, but I unexpectedly ran out of Original Wunder Budder salves. This is the first ever Wunder Budder product, the product that gave Wunder Budder its name, and the product I built Wunder Budder around. I'm making these now, and it's perfectly fitting that they'll be the last product I'll ever make here in my home studio. 

In addition to moving, and the emotions of the unexpected batch of Wunder Budder, I'm finally seeing a dream realized. This has been my dream for the last three years, but it's been part of my long-term dream for much longer: to have a herb shop, with a space in the back to make Wunder Budder, hold classes, and eventually practice clinically.

(The tea making was a pleasant surprise, brought on by all of your requests, and has grown to be our best selling product!)

Thank you for coming along on this adventure with me!



*the kitchen is so close, but because of all the plans that previously went awry, I'm holding off announcing our reopen date until next week, but it will be soon!

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