Herbalists We Love!

Are you looking to expand your herbal knowledge? Here are some links to different herbalists that we love, for a variety of different reasons. They all offer a mix of community information, paid classes, and more. Find one you connect with and start there! 

(We have no affiliation with any of these herbalists, we don't receive anything for listing them here, and we don't specifically endorse their teachings, they're just some of our favorites to connect with and learn from)

Northeast Herbalists & Herb Schools

MA: Katja Swift and Ryn Midura // Commonwealth Holistic Herbalism

ME: Mischa Shuler // Wild Carrot Herbs

NH: Maria Noel Groves // Wintergreen Botanicals

NY: 7Song // Northeast School of Botanical Medicine

NY: Tammi Sweet // Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials

RI: Mary Blue // Mary Blue Herbalist


Northwest Herbalists & Herbs Schools

WA: Sajah Popham // The School of Evolutionary Herbalism


Southeast Herbalists & Herb Schools

FL: Emily Ruff // Florida School of Holistic Living


Southwest Herbalists & Herb Schools

AZ: Michael Moore // Michael Moore Herbalist Links


Other Herbal Educators We Love

Alexis J Cunningfolk // Worts + Cunning Apothecary