Even More Renovation Updates!

Even More Renovation Updates!

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I only just now realized it's been about a month since our last update! 

So much has been happening, but there is also so much waiting involved.
So much has been done, but it doesn't feel like we're progressing.
So much work remains, but it's all going to fall into place soon.

Since our last update, with the help of Mike, I've taped, mudded, sanded, and primed all of our walls, plus I built the door jambs! 

A friend jumped in to install our ceiling grid! He also fixed the wonky structure that our previous "contractor" built to hold up the mini water heater that belongs to another unit (part of the "complicated wall" that I mentioned previously). This was a major favor, and I'm eternally grateful for the help! He not only did this major work for me, but the ceiling grid being in place helped propel us to the next steps! Without it, we'd still be paused.
(Shout out to David, once again!)

Today, the electricians returned to install the lights and outlets in the ceiling. The lights are SO bright, they are lights that handmade dreams are made of. In my current home Wunder Budder studio, I have an overhead light plus three lamps trying to do the job of these new lights, but they can't even come close. I can't wait to label my first batch of lip balm, without shadows hiding the the lines of the caps! 

Tomorrow I will be finishing the ceiling, casing the doors, and maybe getting a coat of paint in. Friday I hope to finish painting (all except for the complicated wall that I can't finish it until the plumbers come back)!

Speaking of plumbers! They're the last major piece that I'm waiting on. I've been in touch with them, but between just being busy, the summer and people taking vacations, and The Big P still going on, it's been hard to get on their schedule. 

With all of the waiting, and the little things holding us up, plus all the work in general, I'm postponing the little makeover for the front of the shop. I was planning some functionality updates plus some other things, but those will be held off until late fall, with minimal disruption. But I do have a lot of new things in stock, along with the standards that you love!

I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO REOPEN. I'm so excited to see you all in the shop again!


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You are truly amazing!

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