It's Official!

It's Official!

We're having an official ribbon cutting tomorrow!

Why now, after nearly three years open?

Because we were only recently able to join The Chamber, and because we just reopened after four long months, and because we now have a brand new kitchen, and because we wanted to open (back in 2019) with a kitchen but couldn't, and because I've always wanted to hold a giant pair of scissors!

We're open special hours tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 27th 11am-2pm, with the ribbon cutting at 11:15. We'll be serving up some of our tea and some cookies from Wishing Well Cookie Co. (shout out to Rose for helping me out with a last-minute order!)

And by "we", I really mean just me! So if you're around, come by for some tea and cookies, maybe help me hold up the ribbon (community ribbon holders in lieu of staff? sounds great to me!), and celebrate our new kitchen, the new opportunities it brings, and our 2 56  year anniversary! 



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