I Accidentally Started a Tea Company

I Accidentally Started a Tea Company

When I opened Alchemy & Herbs in late 2019, my plan was for it to be part apothecary, part ingredient refillery, and part makers market.

I wanted it to be a place where you could pick up all the ingredients you’d need to make your own herbal teas, balms, or whatever else you wanted to make. 

I planned on having regular classes (still working on this - planning classes takes a lot of time and effort!) to teach you how to make your own things.

I did not plan on becoming a tea company. That happened almost by accident!

We’ve always done a Tea of the Day, but when we first opened, we’d get regular requests for tea blends. Some of you might even remember asking me if we carried blends and me saying something along the lines of “maybe someday, but no”. I was not interested (ha!)

A few repeat requests for blends I put on the tea table, and one lockdown later, I started a tea line! 


I had no idea how much I’d love making teas, and how much I’d love when you come back again and again for our blends, and how fulfilling it is when you tell me how the blend makes you feel. 

I love love love that you all led me down this path, and now our tea blends are continuously the shops best selling items!

Because we didn’t plan on becoming a tea company, our first labels were entirely handwritten! Every tea was like a custom blend.

Today, all of our teas come in zipper bags that are completely commercially compostable (including the zipper and label, and if you don’t use a compost service at home, you can bring the empty bags back and we’ll put them in our compost bin). We have our standard 2oz loose leaf bags that we put out on the shelf in the shop, but we also have 1oz and 1/2oz bags that we pack for you upon request (it just takes a minute!).

You can pick up all sizes online, anytime.

If you visit us in person, we also do full cups of tea to go!


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