Jar Club!

Jar Club card - get ten stamps (pictured with small mason jars filled with herbs) and receive five dollars off your next order or choose for us to donate five dollars to one of the organizations we support

Reduce your impact on the environment by bringing in your own jars, bottles, or other containers to refill. 

For every container you bring in to refill, you'll get a punch on a Jar Club punch card. Once you fill the card with ten punches, you can use that card to get $5 off your next purchase, or you can use it to donate $5 to any one of the organizations we support.

Next time you bring a container in, ask us about Jar Club! We'll put your name on a card, and keep it behind the counter for you so that it's always here when you need it. 

If you choose to donate the $5, we support the following organizations (you pick which to donate to):

Affirming Spaces Project
Insubordination Station
NH Mutual Aid Relief Fund
NH Panthers
The Reproductive Freedom Fund of NH
United Plant Savers

If you forget your containers, you won't get a stamp, but we do have eco-friendly bag options! Our standard brown herb bags are made from recycled paper and are recyclable. Our lined fold-over tea bags are compostable (remove the label and the tie before composting). If you don't have access to composting at home, you can bring your empty bags bag to the shop and we'll compost for you.