What We Can't Say

What We Can't Say

Have you ever wondered why we don't share a lot of herbal information online, or even in person?

It is not because we don't know or because we don't want you to know!
(you probably weren't even thinking this, but sometimes when people are new to the shop, I wonder)

As herbal product makers and a shop providing herbs, we are extremely limited to what we can legally and ethically say about herbs. Since herbalists are not recognized medical professionals (at least not in the US), we are not allowed to diagnose diseases. We can't treat, prevent, or cure any ailments.

In basic terms, we are not allowed to speak about any changes to the structure or function of our bodies, or it could be considered a medical claim.

As herbalists, we can speak in generalizations about supporting our bodies and body systems, but as product makers we have to be even more careful that we're not telling you that something we made and/or are selling is going to treat any of your symptoms.

These legal restrictions are governed by the FDA*, and they actively search the internet and social media, and send warnings to even the tiniest of businesses! They're here to protect you from "snake oil salesman" type sellers - the ones telling you that their product will cure your [insert whatever ailment here]. 

But, these restrictions also really frustrating for all the little herbal businesses like our that really just want to bring more herbs into your life and help you take better control over your health by working with plants.  

You'll never hear us telling you that anything we make will cure you, but we're always happy to tell you how much we love the tea blends we make, or to point you in the direction of some herbs we think you should look into for support. We're also happy to show you some books, and to tell you about some of our favorite herbal educators who can be a little more open with the information they share, so that you can take your health into your own hands. You know yourself best!


*if you're an herbalist or herbal product maker, check out Asa Waldstein's website and get on his mailing list for weekly warning letters to learn more about FDA compliancy. We're unaffiliated with him, but he's a great source of information for herbal makers!

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