Heads Up About Two Closed Days in June!

Heads Up About Two Closed Days in June!

I'm off to an herb conference this week! 

I haven't been to a conference since a few months before opening the shop, and I don't have all the words for how I feel about going, so I'll just stick with "so excited".

I am SO excited!

This is a large conference, with three full days of workshops and being surrounded by other herbalists. I can't wait to come back and incorporate what I've learned into Alchemy & Herbs.

This week, I'll be here Wednesday, Kristy will take care of you on Thursday, we'll be closed Friday, and Mike will be back here for you on Saturday. 

We aren't doing any custom blends while I'm gone, unless it's a blend we've already made for you. If you're looking for a new custom blend, reply to this, send me an email, or DM on Instagram (I don't always get notifications for FB messages) before 3pm on Wednesday. I'll mix it up for you Wednesday evening and you can pick it up Thursday or Saturday. We'll be back to normal next week!

And then....

We're closed on Saturday June 24th for a family wedding!


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